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Dumb Cashiers January 6, 2006

Posted by Dan in Uncategorized.

Cashiers in stores annoy me no end. Take earlier for instance. I was in an “Everything For £1” shop because I saw they had boxes of 50 pens (people have a habit of stealing mine). So I went in, bought three boxes and went to the checkout.

The dim-witted guy with spots behind the till put each box through individually (as opposed to putting one through then multiplying by three) and took his own sweet time doing it. I was just pondering whether to slap him when he said “that’ll be four pounds please”.

I nearly asked him to repeat it. I’m in a store where everything is a pound. I have three items. He’s saying it comes to four pounds. Anybody else see the problem here? There was a five year old kid behind me in the line, I nearly turned round and asked him. “Hey kid, what’s one pound multiplied by three?”.

The cashier noticed his mistake after I stared at him for a few moments. “Oh, sorry, that’s three pounds”. The guy didn’t look phased at all. Dear Lord, at least look a little embarassed when you realise you’re a dim-witted moron who can’t do basic mathematical calculations. I paid, and left, wondering if that whole thing had really happened or not.

I’m considering complaining to their head office. There’s clearly something wrong with their selection process if people so brazenly stupid are employed as staff. The only way I could see that guy getting a job was if the other applicants happened to be garden gnomes and kitchen utensils. Thinking about it, it seems likely.

What is wrong with the world today?



1. cashier - September 12, 2006


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